Honey Dew and Conch meat Chicken Soup


Unpretentious childhood dishes always steal my heart. However, it is the Cantonese soups that were boiled long hours also known as " slow fire soup”, took the prize in calming and comforting the stomach of old.

Need only a sip to reminds me that I am home.

You probably have heard that the Cantonese must have their soup. This Cantonese will tell you it is true!
Cantonese meals are not complete without soup, Period.

Another shocking fact - no matter how big the pot of soup, we will always finish it. (ok, in my family only)

Cantonese soups are known to render various health benefits with different combinations of Chinese herbs and ingredients.
We have soup for detoxification, replenishment of the Qi, the release of dampness, for internal yin and yang balance, nourishment to various body organs, sore throats, coughing.... the list goes on.

Most Cantonese family will have a compartment in the fridge full of herbs and dry ingredients for making soups.                                                                                                                                            

I am kicking off the soup therapy with Honey Dew and conch meat chicken soup.
I know honey dew is a fruit and yes fruits are widely used in soup (e.g. pineapple, papaya, apples and pears, figs, coconut)

We will also need dry conch meat 响螺 (from Chinese medical hall)
Conch meat is rich in protein, more protein than meat and any other kinds of seafood.
It is also found to be rich in vitamin E, which protects from cell damage that can contribute to heart disease and cancer.

The end result is a rich milky texture, with a delightful aroma of natural sweetness from the fruit.

The soup is also known for its moisturising effect on our skin; a benefit not to be missed. (Ladies!)

You will need:

1 whole chicken, skin removed
200g dry conch meat
500g honey dew, skin removed (slight green or just ripe, not over ripe as it will be too soft)
2-2.5 litres water


1.Cut chicken into large pieces, skin removed

2.Cut the honeydew melon into medium pieces, skin removed

3.Soak the dry conch meat for an hour (or overnight) before cooking

4.In a large pot, bring water to a boil over high heat, add chicken and conch meat, cook on high heat for half an hour, then turn to medium heat and simmer for 2 hours;

5.Add honeydew melon and boil for half an hour more on medium heat. Season with salt to taste. Ready to serve

Cooks' Note:
One of the reasons why Cantonese "slow-fire soup" always tastes so good even without adding salt to it is the generous use of ingredients. So, don't go penny-pinching when making Cantonese soup.

linda's craving
cooked honey dew

cooked tender conch meat

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