Chicken floss (using bread machine)


I am so thrilled!

Finally, I found a way to use up the balance meat from the "slow-fire" soup.
Our family preferred the soup to the ingredients which are often meat, some herbs and may be a root vegetable or two.
We have no problem with the root vegetables, just don't much fancy the meat. So, often the meat is tossed out.

I got excited when I heard it mentioned in a Cantonese drama where they use the bread machine to make meat floss. (apparently, this is not new, started as early as 2012)

Basically, one may use any cooked meat (pork, chicken).
This is an excellent way to use up the meat, and I am very pleased (less guilty now) that the meat from the soup is given a "new phase" of life at the touch of a button.

Since we often have "slow-fire" soup, I reckon we will have many bottles of floss in time to come.
"HRH" will be happy to know from now on, he is allowed to lavishly use the chicken floss on his pineapple rice.

I have a bread machine, I have a chicken meat, I have a bottle of chicken floss! (LOL)

I am using here: (do adjust to suits your taste)

1 chicken breast from my "slow-fire" soup (shredded and drained well)
2 tablespoon fish sauce
4-5 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon of sesame oil
1 teaspoon sesame seed
1 tablespoon of water

1. Placed the deboned meat in a zip lock bag and mix in the seasonings.(except the sesame seed)

2. Add the seasoned meat to the bread machine and pressed the " jam" function which is about 1hour and 20 minutes

3. Add in the sesame seed at the last 5 minutes.

4. Let it cool and store in a jar

Cooks' Note:
We make these Japanese rice balls coated with chicken floss.

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