Cold noodles with tangy soy dressing


The weather is so scorching today that I am completely drained (with a headache)
"His Royal Highness" (HRH) is returning home soon, and I have yet decided what to cook or if we are cooking at all.
It is just too hot to cook.

A quick check in the fridge and I found a half rock melon and some ham from morning breakfast and a couple of still looking fresh cucumbers - all great ingredients for making make cold noodles, which requires just boiling the noodles and assemble the rest of the ingredients.

I run out of  Japanese noodles, so I turn to the next best choice - instant noodles!
They are quick and easy to toss with the rest of the ingredients.
I am using Korean instant noodle here for their springiness, I find the local ones turn soggy quickly.

The sweetness of the rockmelon and saltiness of the ham went so well together, and the cucumber provides a refreshing, crisp crunch; perfecting it with the tangy soy dressing.

"HRH" tired face brighten up when he sees the lovely dish and dive straight in to the cold and refreshing tossed noodles.

These cold noodles make easy eating on hot, exhausting days when a mouthful of coolness is all that you want.

You will need:(for 2)

2 packet of instant Korean noodle
half a cucumber, peel and shredded, core removed
2 slices of rock melon, shredded
2-3 slices of breakfast ham, shredded
1 hard boiled egg (peel and cut into half)
some sesame seed to garnish

2 tablespoon of mirin
2 tablespoon of soy sauce
2 tablespoon of water
2 teaspoon of sugar
2 teaspoon of sesame oil
Juice of half a lemon
grated fresh ginger (optional)


1.Boil the 2 packets of instant noodles in a pot of boiling water. When soft, drain the noodles and plunge into a basin of cold water to stop it from cooking further in its own heat. Chill the drained noodles.

2.Arrange the shredded ingredients over the cold noodles, crowning it with half the hard boiled egg.

3. Mix the ingredients for dressing well and chill till needed.
4. Pour the sauce onto the cold noodles just before serving and toss thoroughly to enjoy each cooling and refreshing mouthful

Cooks' Note:
The cold noodle is a great blank canvas for adding all sorts of leftover proteins. I have made the dish with shredded chicken, smoked duck and balance from Sunday roast.
Or go vegetarian with shredded pears, honey dew, carrots, pepper....

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