Karasumi Squid


Karasumi is salted mullet roe, a high priced delicacy and it is usually eaten while drinking sake, sliced and sandwich between 2 slices of daikon.

My dear friend, Yuri contributed this priced golden roe and has reminded me on several occasions to cook something with it.

It's briny and full of umami. Some said it is similar to Mentaiko, the pink and soft brined roe.
Karasumi is the hard, dried version.

I used it a couple of weeks ago on pasta and some for this squid dish at last night Japanese theme dinner.

This is a straightforward and fast recipe. All you need to do is clean the squid (or have the fish monger to clean it for you), cook it in a hot grill pan and grates the Karasumi over the squid.

I was told you can find these in Taiwan as well, the Japanese been loading their luggage with this golden roe as it is much cheaper there.

Go for it if you like bottarga (the ang moh version).

You will need:

3 medium size fresh squids, cleaned and cut
1/2 sac of Karasumi

1. Wash and clean squids

2. Heat up the griller (grill pan)

3. When it is smoking hot, placed the squids onto grill pan, few mintues on each side.

4. Remove and sliced when slightly cool.

5. Grate Karasumi and served immediately.

Cooks' Note:
1. Overcooked squid is rubbery.
2. Eat it with chilled sake!

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