Aunty Linda's Hu Pioh soup (Fish Maw Soup)


Among my repertoire of Nonya dishes, Hu Pioh Soup is the crowd's favourite.
A MUST have in my annual CNY cookout for my in-laws' clan.

A nephew is so fond of this soup that the other nieces and nephews have to keep counts of the number of bowls he consumes - aloud!

Its popularity lies with the wholesomeness of the soup, made from scratch with chicken stock, prawn stock and crab stock.

It is characteristically the classic Nonya Bakwan Kepiting soup (Nonya Pork and Crab Meatball soup) to which I added Hu Pioh (Fish Maw) for the lush finish fitting for the festive season.

As the name suggested, you will need minced pork and crab meat.
My version called for 70% lean pork meat and 30% fat. If you preferred a clear soup, use lean meat only.

Use fresh crab meat where possible as it does make a difference. The removal of the meat requires some effort which is the very reason why I cooked this soup only once a year.
The other advantage of using fresh crabs is that the shells are used for stock, giving it a lift in flavour.

You may use mud crabs which are known for their meatiness or flower crabs for their sweetness.
I will not recommend frozen crab meat as it is basically tasteless. You will be better off substituting it with fresh prawns.
The other alternative is canned crab meat recently seen in the local supermarket. You want the lump or chunk type.

Ready-cooked winter bamboo shoot in vacuum packed (available at both wet markets and supermarkets) is used here.

Buy good quality Roasted Fish Maw if you can (because it is non-oily).
If using the deep fried type, you may want to soak it first with hot water to rinse off the oil.
Otherwise, just scoop off the layer of fat when the soup is cooked.

DO NOT skip the fried garlic (and oil) and coriander topping - the necessary touch to this nourishing soup.

Live dangerously, add in the fried pork lardons as well!

You will need:

Meat from 4 large cooked flower crabs
700gm minced pork
Fresh prawns, shelled, roughly minced (optional)
100gm quality fish maws, soaked and cut into 3cm long
6 litres of stock (chicken, prawns, crab or a combination)
1 pack of vacuumed packed winter bamboo shoot, cut into thin strips (about 300gm)
2 teaspoons of mushroom granules or 1 Tsp of chicken granules
5 tablespoons of light soy sauce
2 tablespoons of cornflour
1 tablespoons of sesame oil or garlic oil

Coriander leaves
deep fried garlic and oil
white pepper
fried pork lard (optional)


1. Put all the meat and 30% of the winter bamboo shoot in a bowl and marinate it with cornflour, soy sauce, mushroom granules and oil. Set aside.

2. To prepare the stock, heat up the pot with a tablespoon garlic oil and add in the balance winter bamboo shoot, fried for a couple of minutes till fragrant. Pour in the available stock you have and bring it to a boil.

3. Add the drained fish maw.

4. Shape the meatball using a spoon. Add the meatballs to the boiling soup, the meatballs will float when cooked.

5. To serve, scoop 2-3 meatballs, some fish maw and bamboo strips into a bowl and topped it with fried garlic, coriander leaves and fried pork lardons.

photographed by HH

Cook's Notes:

1. Remove the meatballs when cooked (as it may be overcooked) and set aside if not eating immediately.

2. I am using 3 types of stock here as I have ready home made stock for the CNY season.
You may choose to use the stock avail to you, not necessary all 3 types.

3. Prawn meat is optional.

4. Do scoop away the layer of oil floating on the soup.

5. You may want to test cook the meatball and adjust to your preference.

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