Braised Beef Shin


This is the dish that led to my "culinary stardom" moment. I become an overnight sensation (or is it just my wishful thinking) in my church where I was roped in to help to cook for an event for 150 people.
Suddenly, everyone knows me (ok not all, but many)

As a matter of fact, this food blog was spurred by the growing demand for this recipe and enough new found fans to rekindle my passion in culinary.
Truth to be told, I get thrills telling those who asked for my recipes to check out my blog. (hahaha!)

Alright, I better contain my overwhelming excitement before I become too overbearing.

For this recipe, I choose the most underrated cut of beef - SHIN.

When a shin of beef is slow cooked, these inexpensive cuts often have far more flavour than their expensive counterparts.
This is simple, warming and delicious. It is as if a long-time friend just drops by for a visit, a one truly unforgettable visit.

This familiar dish is also very lean, with gelatinous texture so no cause of worry for expanding waistline.

My co-volunteers were surprised with the smooth execution (we cook this in an industrial rice cooker) and were wowed by the incredibly rich and deep flavour with just a handful of ingredients.

This is a dish that your guests are likely to think you slaved all day in the kitchen for but actually it just needs a mere 15 mins of preparation and after that braising in the rice cooker for a couple of hours.

In short, this dish is likely to lead you (and your guests) to believe you are a culinary expert, just like it did to me.

You will need:

500gm beef shin (cut into rounds)
5 slices of ginger
1 cinnamon stick
1-star anise
20gm rock sugar
2 stalks of spring onion, cut into 5cm strips
100ml of Chinese wine (I use Hua Tiao)
100ml of soya sauce
enough water to cover the beef while braising
1 radish cut into rounds
2 tablespoon cooking oil

Method: (using rice cooker)
1. Heat up the oil in the rice cooker and fry the ginger till fragrant, add in cinnamon, star anise, spring onion and rock sugar, stir for 2-3 Mins

2. Add in the beef shin, let it brown a little and pour in the Chinese wine and soya sauce.

3. Add in enough water to cover the meat. 30 mins later, add in the radish.

4. Let it braising till soft yet with bite (about 1.5 - 2 hours)

5. Serve with steaming hot rice.

Cook's note:
1. Try to get hold of a good quality soy sauce, it makes a difference
2. You may substitute shin for brisket, but I like biting into the gelatinous texture of beef shin.
3. You may substitute radish for potatoes and carrot, just add during the last 30 mins or so.
4. Do not cook radish and carrot together as the carrot contain an enzyme solution called ascorbic acid which will destroy Vitamin C in the radish.

Photographed by the very talented, efficient Ps Joyce Ho

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