Grilled pineapple


I love dessert, but if I have to do it myself, it will have to be simple.
Especially when I am pressed for time, I rely on grilled fruits.

You don't have to fire up your BBQ just to cook fruit, you can grill fruit just as quickly on a grill pan, a griddle on the stove, or an indoor electric grill.

It just needs a few minutes on each side - enough to create charred /grill marks.
Yes, I confess those charred marks are so "attractive" to me.

Most, if not all fruits could be grilled and I love the way grilling caramelises the natural sugars in fresh fruits, creating new smoky concoctions that remind you how this low-calorie and chock-full of vitamins, fruit can be.

I remembered in my early days as a host serving grilled fruits to my guests, some never thought fruits could be grilled, and others were surprised it tasted so good.

Whenever we have BBQ, our dessert will be cooked fruits.
We had grilled banana, mango, apple, pear, orange, peaches, watermelon... but grilled pineapple remained as the family hot favourite followed closely behind is grilled banana.
It was a no-brainer, just toss the fruits onto the BBQ grill and in few minutes, the desert is done.

I have never come across anyone that doesn't like grilled fruits with ice cream when these two meet, pleasure is inevitable.
One may grill the fruit "nude" (as it is) or add spice like ground cinnamon and spike it with Grand Marnier, Bourbon, Rum; or when I don't give a toss to calorie count, I loaded it with hot chocolate and whipped cream. Devilish!

Grilled fruits such as pineapple, apple, peaches also paired well with grilled meat such as pork, chicken or steak; or add the grilled fruits to your salad for that double goodness!

You will need:

1 ripe pineapple
1 tablespoon of demerara sugar (optional)

1. Remove skin of pineapple, washed, cut into wedges and remove core
2. Heat up the grill pan.
3. Sprinkle pineapple with demerara sugar (optional)
4. Grill pineapple wedges turning once, until charred
5. Served with your favourite ice cream.

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